A quieter week with most of our ratings more or less agreeing with the spread betting firms. The four bets that did emerge produced a profit for the week of 317 which now means that the total potential profit for this season is 4,853 (an average of 693 profit per week).

A sell of the time of the first Middlesborough goal against Man United at 64 minutes with City Index (Soccer Spreads rating 56.2 - Makeup 31) for 7 per minute would have produced 231 profit.

A buy of the Home/ Away supremacy in the 10 Division One games at 1 goal with either IG or Sporting Index (Soccer Spreads rating 2.07 - Makeup 0) for 80 per goal would have produced a loss of 80.

A sell of the Sheffield United mini performance against Burnley at 14 with Sporting Index (Soccer Spreads rating 8.1 - Makeup 0) for 14 per point would have produced 196 profit.

A sell of the Blackburn mini performance against Portsmouth at 23 with Sporting Index (Soccer Spreads rating 16.9 - Makeup 25) for 15 per point would have produced a loss of 30.

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Please note that potential bets are only recorded if the difference between the Soccer Spreads rating and the best spread available is at least a quarter of the spread volatility (e.g. in order to bet on the total corners in a Premiership match the difference between the Soccer Spreads rating and the spread being offered must be at least 0.9). All recorded bets are based on a 'Medium' base unit stake which is then adjusted depending on how much the Soccer Spreads rating disagrees with the spread being offered (for a full explanation see 'How to use Soccer Spreads').

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