The unit stake of a spread bet depends on the volatility of the spread and how big a player you are. The higher the volatility of the spread in question then the lower your unit stake should be.

In order to arrive at the unit stake for a particular bet you need to divide the volatility of the spread into a figure that gives a level of bet that you are comfortable with.

For instance the volatility of the Premiership goal supremacy is 1.73. Now a 'small' spread bettor might divide that into a figure of 100 to give a unit stake of �60. If it was a bet on the bookings index the unit stake would be �4 (100 divided by the bookings index volatility of 25.9). For a bet on a Premiership mini performance the unit stake would be �5 (100 divided by 18.9).

A 'medium' spread bettor might use a figure of 200 which would result in unit stakes of �115 for the supremacy, �8 for the bookings index and �11 for the mini performance (all stakes rounded up or down to the nearest pound or five pounds).

When placing spread bets on groups of matches (e.g. betting on the total goals in all the matches in the Premiership on a Saturday) the unit stake should be calculated using the volatilities for groups of matches.

The stakes detailed in the Weekly Reviews are arrived at using a figure of 200. The unit stake is then adjusted using the difference between the Soccer Spreads rating and the best spread on offer. This calculation is done automatically by the Excel spreadsheets which all members receive free of charge. These spreadsheets are available to non members to purchase for �9.95.

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