Human rights report because it was led by gay manTake a closer look at North Korea's alleged dronesAre the men of North Korea really being forced to get Kim Jong Un haircuts?The UN report on North Korea: Four things to knowDennis Rodman's North Korea high jinks aren't funny anymoreView all MalaysiaThis map shows possible search corridors for louis vuitton replica handbags the missing Malaysia Airlines flightTen major international airlines disasters in the past 50 yearsView all The winter Olympics kick off in the Russian city of Sochi on Thursday, whether Russia is ready for them or not. And it louis vuitton clearance increasingly appears that Sochi might not actually be all that ready. Here are 15 signs some of them superficial, some legitimately alarming that the Olympics could get off to a bumpy start. 1. The Olympic flame went out 44 times Russia's bold plan to run the Olympic torch for thousands of miles, including to the north pole, made it the longest run in history.

But louis vuitton replica handbags the flame kept going out, including in front of the Kremlin, just moments after Russian President Vladimir Putin helped light louis vuitton wallet for men it. This video shows a well meaning guard trying to re light it with a pocket lighter as the entire world watches. 2. An official Olympic hub isn't even finished Construction work continues apace outside the Gorki Plaza East hotel in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, on Feb. 2, 2014. (AP) As of Sunday, Gorki Plaza the transportation and housing hub for thousands of visitors was still under construction. Organizers blamed 10 days of louis vuitton wallet for men recent rain. 3. No one louis vuitton wallet for men knows how bad the environmental damage is Environmental experts predict the breakneck construction in Sochi could cause significant environmental damage but because of Russia's opaqueness on the issue, they really have no idea how big the problem is. Observers from organizations like the WorldWatch Institute and the World Wildlife Fund, however, have voiced concerns about illegal waste dumping, contaminated drinking water, dangerous construction on unsound ground, light pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and disruption to louis vuitton clearance native animal populations and habitats.

4. Allegations of corruption with Olympic funds Anti corruption activists in Russia produced this interactive map about Sochi Olympics funds. Officials in Russia, and observers around the world, have accused organizers in Sochi of widespread corruption and mismanagement of Olympics funds. The Anti Corruption Foundation, an opposition group founded by activist and politician Alexei Navalny, has gone so far as to publish an interactive map on all the alleged embezzlement, a screenshot of which is above. 5. Woman displaced by construction mishap living in shack A 58 year old woman from outside of Sochi is living in an aluminum shack after construction errors caused her two story house to collapse. She's one of several demanding compensation for homes ruined, she alleges, by Olympic subcontractors. 6. Construction workers deported, possibly unpaid Workers cordon off a leaning building in Sochi as construction moves forward, in this March 2013 photo. (Mikhail Mordasov/AFP/Getty Images) More than 100 construction workers from Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina were detained and deported back to their countries often, they louis vuitton wallet for men claim, without being paid for their work. 7.

The mass campaign to "dispose" of stray dogs Sochi's stray dog problem is so severe that local organizers had to contract a pest control company to "catch and dispose" of the animals, which have been spotted everywhere from hotels to Olympic venues. (Seriously, there are a lot of stray dogs in Sochi.) Said Alexei Sorokin, the director of the pest control firm: "God forbid [a dog runs in the stadium] at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country." 8. Political activists barred from even watching The Russian Olympic Committee to several Russian political activists basically denying them any access to the games, even as spectators. 9. Sochi filled with construction debris, unfinished buildings A picture taken through the window of a house that is being torn down shows the stadium for the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Adler district of Sochi. (Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters) Recent photos from the neighborhoods around the Olympic Park, where athletes will live and compete during the games, show streets filled with trash, loose wires and uncovered manholes.

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