Frequently Asked Questions

These are some examples of questions that have been sent to Soccer Spreads over the last few years. If you have any other questions that are not answered here please send us an e-mail.

What software do I need to use the ratings?
You will need Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet application. If you do not have Microsoft Excel (shipped with Microsoft Office) you can download the software free of charge.
Are the team details taken into account when producing the ratings?
No, the ratings are a bare assessment of the form based on the previous matches. Team news is not taken into account because it is very difficult to quantify. The ratings should always be used in conjunction with the latest news regarding team strengths, injuries and suspensions etc.
Why are cup matches not rated?
Cup matches are not rated because we do not capture data relating to matches involving First and Second division clubs. Also cup matches tend to be notoriously unpredictable and with regard to the Carling cup some big clubs do not put out their full strength teams until the later stages of the competition.
Should the unit stake of a spread bet be varied depending on the type of bet?
The short answer is yes. The base unit stake depends on the volatility of the bet which should then be adjusted with respect to the actual rating. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the optimum stake for you once you have entered a Base Stake that you are comfortable with and the Divisor figure.
What is an 'arb'?
An 'arb' (short for 'arbitrage') is when two spread betting firms are offering spreads where the top of one spread is below the bottom of the other spread. For instance if Sporting Index offered a bookings index spread of 38-40 on a particular match and Spreadex were offering 42-46 on the same match you could 'buy' at 40 with Sporting Index and 'sell' at 42 with Spreadex and make a guaranteed profit of 2 points. This is OK in theory but in practice it can be very difficult to play an 'arb'. Some firms will restrict your bet to a minimum stake while the 'arb' exists and with other firms you simply won't be able to get through in time.
How do I determine which spread firm I should bet with on a Performance index or Mini Performance index when each firm has different criteria?
The ratings spreadsheet will automatically calculate the relative value of each different type of bet. You should consider placing those bets that have the highest value indicator which should be at least 1.
Can I use the cross corners rating to play the multi corners market?
No, the cross corners rating is the expected home team corners multiplied by the expected away team corners. Multi corners are the first half corners multiplied by the second half corners. It is possible to have a cross corners makeup of 0 and a multi corners makeup of 100 (or vice versa).
Do you ever advise on specific bets?
No, we never specify or recommend a particular bet, we only provide statistical ratings based on historical data.
Is the Soccer Spreads system regulated by the FSA?
No, we are not regulated by the FSA because we do not need to be. We do not sell or offer investment advice, we only provide statistical data which anyone could produce if they 'number crunched' the statistics in the same way that we do.
Does the Soccer Spreads website accept advertisements?
Yes, most types of adverts are accepted. Please see our current rates here.

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