The weekly reviews are a complete record of potential bets that you would identify if you followed the instructions on 'How to Use Soccer Spreads' and the following guidelines:

All recorded spreads are either taken from the spread firms website or the Racing Post.

Related (i.e. conflicting or complementary) bets on the same match are not allowed except for when a spread moves (see next paragraph). For example you would not buy a bookings index and buy a teams performance. Please note that for the purposes of the Weekly Reviews a bookings index bet is deemed to be completely separate from a mini performance bet (although strictly speaking the mini performance index does include the -15 for a Red Card). Of course you can make up your own mind whether or not you play a bookings index and a mini performance on the same game.

If a particular spread market moves to reveal a higher value bet when a lower value related bet would already have been placed the second higher value related bet will be recorded in the Weekly Review but at 66% of the normal stake.

For the purposes of the Weekly Reviews the Goals, Corners and Bookings are deemed to be completely separate. This means that you could buy a team's goal supremacy and sell the same team's corner supremacy in the same match.

Bets on goal times are related to goal supremacy and total goal bets. They are therefore also related to performance index bets.

Bets on 'Groups of Matches' (i.e. selling the total goals in all the Premiership games on a Saturday) will not be allowed unless there are no related bets on the individual matches with a higher value figure. This means that if there are any bets on the goal supremacy, goal times or mini performance for a particular Division then a home/away supremacy or total goals bet on the whole group of matches would not be allowed. Likewise if there are any bets on the total goals or goal times for an individual match then a 'total goals' bet on the whole group of matches would not be allowed.

The stake for any particular bet will be calculated using the Soccer Spreads Excel spreadsheets with the "figure" always set to 200. The spreadsheets contain all the individual spread volatilities for the current season and can be used to determine the optimum bet and the size of the stake for any particular match or group of matches. Please note that the Excel spreadsheets are only sent to members.

No bet is recorded on a match involving a team recently promoted to Division One until after the end of October. Likewise no bet is recorded on a match involving a team recently promoted to or relegated from the Premiership until after the end of September.

The Weekly Reviews are only published once most of the teams in a particular Division have played at least 8 matches in a season. Also from the 2001/2002 season the Weekly Reviews will not include each teams last 2 matches.

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